When you first catch sight of The 海盗旗, you might be unsure exactly what to think of it. Since its conversion from a gas station/grocery store to a restaurant in 1972, The 海盗旗 has been anything but your ordinary Outer Banks restaurant.

海盗旗 steak dinner and wine

海盗旗 steak and baked potato

It’s been 37 years since Angelos took ownership of Jolly, and over the years she has experienced many changes, including three expansions and a renovation after Hurricane Isabel in 2003. Although the restaurant has gone through several changes over the years, Carol Ann’s style is unaltered. The restaurant decor is an eclectic blend of Christmas, pirate paraphernalia, aquatic murals, handmade boutique-style gifts and old-time movie posters.

海盗旗 entrees

Almost as diverse as the restaurant itself is the food selection, The 海盗旗 is open year-round for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and they offer something for everyone. 早餐 favorites include the Eggs Benedict, pancakes and home fries—all made in-house from fresh ingredients. For lunch and dinner, the restaurant offers a wide selection of options, from steaks and seafood to pastas and salads. All of the restaurant’s sauces are house-made from scratch, and everything is taste-tested to ensure the absolute best quality food is being served.

Starting September 17th we will be having a $3.99 breakfast 周一 - 星期五 'til 11:30am featuring 2 eggs with your choice of one of the following: homefries or grits, or baked apples & 烤面包.

海盗旗 message from Carol Ann Angelos, Owner
When it comes to food specials, The 海盗旗 is simply unbeatable.

Among the most popular are the daily Early Bird Specials. Topping the list, the Buy-One-Get-One FREE 意大利 Specialties Dinner Entree, 提供日常, followed by the World Famous Prime Rib 星期五 Nights for $14.95 with two sides, 周六 Night's Lobster Mania offering two 1 pound lobsters with baked potato and coleslaw for only $29.95 as well as Lobster Mac and Cheese with two lobster claws, also at the low price of $19.95!

Specials truly are special at The Jolly, and you never need worry about sacrificing quality for price - even when the prices seem too good to be true.

海盗旗 live outdoor music
For those looking for entertainment, there’s always something fun happening here. During the winter they host live poker events, Buzz Time NTN with weekly tournaments and contests… plus nightly karaoke year-round, hosted by local’s favorite DJs Hambone and Milo & 抢劫.

Over the years, Angelos has encountered a bit of pressure from some customers to change her style and “fit in” to match the times. But she has always found that The Jolly’s authenticity and originality is what keeps happy guests coming back time and again.

“I was almost ready to sand down the booths, 屈服, do another color, but that wasn’t what I wanted to do,” Angelos says. “People love it the way it is.”

From the unique atmosphere to the unmistakably home-cooked cuisine, everything about The 海盗旗 is welcoming, warm and completely unlike any other restaurant in the area. — By Chelsea Sherman 

海盗旗 breakfast specials promo 

Family Package Take-Out Specials

Feed Your Group For As Low As $54!
Family Package Orders By Phone Only and Must Be Placed 24 小时 in Advance, Please.

Land Lovers Specialties
Prime Rib, Grilled Chicken Breasts or Chopped Sirloin
Packaged Family Style w/Mashers & Gravy, plus Veggie Medley
Feeds 6-8, 10-12 or 14-16

Fresh 海鲜 Specialties
Fried 海鲜 Platter, Jumbo Shrimp or Crab Cake Dinners
Packaged Family Style w/French Fries & 高丽菜沙拉
Feeds 6-8, 10-12 or 14-16 

意大利 Platter Specialties
Chicken Parmesan, Meat Lasagna or Pasta w/意大利 Sausage & 肉丸
Packaged Family Style w/Salad & 蒜蓉面包
Feeds 6-8, 10-12 or 14-16